Best Practices

The World Wide Web of blogs. It seems that no matter what you might be interested in there are hundreds of blogs out there on that subject. For me, I am a big fan of the Tiny House Movement. This movement is about living in a smaller space with less. For the most part, when someone mentions a tiny house they are referring to a house built on a trailer, so a tiny house on wheels. Many work to make these houses as eco-friendly as possible by adding solar power and composting toilets. I love this movement because it is all about being able to travel wherever you might want to go and bring your house with you. To live your life outside in the world and live simply. You can wake up every morning with a new view from you window. This interest has lead me to people who are full time RVers and those who have converted old school buses and ambulances into mobile homes.

One of my favorite blogs is Gone With the Wynns. They are a couple who quit their jobs, bought an RV, and have been traveling around the United States. They capture their adventures in blog posts and YouTube videos. As they have grown in popularity, they have gained sponsors. Mostly they are asked by RV companies to test out a new RV. On top of that, they test out different products and give their genuine opinions on how those items work.  When they make a blog post, they will include as much information as possible for the reader. Where they went, how they got there, where they stopped.

In comparison, my blog seems a little bland. It does not have near as much pizazz. However, I believe that I am following a professional code as much as I can. I try to reference any information I talk about with either a hyperlink or at the end in the form of references. I love to use quotations. This has left my own voice underused. I would strive to improve on this aspect of my writing within this blog and in general. If there were a code of ethics for bloggers, I would try to follow it as closely as possible. However, I believe that with my research background, writing in a professional manner is ingrained.


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